Vancouver Canucks: No Room for Training Camp Competition

by Janik Beichler    Sept 17, 2016

Everyone is excited for the Vancouver Canucks’ newest additions. But when will we actually see them in the NHL?

There are several players in the Vancouver Canucks organisation that have fans excited, and some of them are even said to have a chance to crack the NHL roster this year. However, the number of the former is far higher than that of the latter — why is that?

When talking about exciting prospects, the frequently mentioned names include Thatcher Demko, Brock Boeser, Olli Juolevi and Troy Stecher among others. But once we start talking about players that could earn a roster spot this year, Juolevi and perhaps Stecher are the only ones mentioned.

That makes sense, since Boeser is committed to the University of North Dakota for another year and Demko will need time to adjust to the pro game.

But why is nobody even talking about AHL players that seem more NHL-ready, and even have some NHL experience?

To read more, click on the link:  Vancouver Canucks: No Room for Training Camp Competition


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