Was Canucks Preseason A Conjuring Up Of Season Past, Or Is It Me?


andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

October 9, 2016

Did somebody conjure up remnants of last seasons Vancouver Canucks and introduce them into preseason?

Was I crazy to believe that last season was just a blip, a brief downturn, that once the season was over, and the team escaped into summer hiatus, the reasons for it would all fade away, never to set foot upon Canuck soil ever again?

Silly me, I must have had too much rest and relaxation this off season, because the Vancouver preseason demonstrated that they have a way to go to shake off last season.

Vancouver continues to get outshot by the opposition at ease.

Preseason shots by period in 7 preseason games:

1rst  period: Opponents: 69   Canucks: 56   Diff: –13

2nd  period: Opponents: 76   Canucks: 55   Diff: –21

3rd   period: Opponents: 66   Canucks: 63   Diff: –3

OT    period: Opponents:  4    Canucks: 2    Diff: -2

While the Canucks have improved in the face-off area, 48.6-percent this preseason (20th best in NHL preseason),they still have improvement to make in the neutral and offensive zone areas. Hopefully, Manny Malhotra will be able to work wonders in this area for the Canucks.

Preseason face-offs:

  • defensive zone, 79-144: 54.9 percent
  • offensive zone, 61 for 135: 45.2 percent
  • neutral zone, 56 for 124: 45.2 percent

For a team that has to make up points this season over 2015-16, they have to generate more shots, while doing a better job dominating their opposition in the neutral and offensive zones, or it’s going to be another long season.

Vancouver ran into their share of preseason penalty problems, stressing their penalty kill unit(s_, while giving up too many shots against, and the second worst penalty kill in NHL preseason (only better than Edmonton) at 72.7-percent.

The penalty kill was 24 for 33 with 5 shots for, 40 shots against and 3 shorthanded goals (one an empty net goal).

While they gave up nine shorthanded goals, the team demonstrated in preseason that they could generate goals a man down. That would be something if they can carry that into the upcoming season.

Canucks power play continued to be deja vu to last season during exhibition games, even with different personnel running the power play units, 14th best in NHL preseason, with Los Angeles, Edmonton and Arizona ahead of them.

Vancouver were 4 for 25 on the power play with 31 shots for and none against in preseason.

Not sure whether it is a sign that they have it under control going into the season, or they are still unsure about the players that will be manning it. Scary.

Goaltending seems to be in fine hands with Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom at this point. At this point.


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