Groundhog Day, Business Of Professional Hockey, Canucks vs Oilers


andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

October 27, 2016

Groundhog Day will continue for another game for the Canucks, as very little has changed since Tuesday, when Vancouver turned in a very poor performance in front of the home fans.

The NHL is fond of saying hockey is a multi-million dollar business, well in Vancouver the professional hockey business is not being run very well.

The product has been marked down considerably since the four game winning streak came to an end,and three bad losses resulted in a different streak; and  there might be some fans who would not even pay reduced rates to see them in person.

Oh, unless they are not coming to see the Canucks but the other team. You know…the Connor McDavid Oilers from Edmonton.

  • Vancouver is 0 for 17 on the power play in their last 6-games against Edmonton going back to the 2014-15 season, with them 0 for 10 at Rogers Arena in four of the six.
  • Vancouver averaged less than a goal a game against the Oilers last season (9 GF in 5 GP).
  • The last season the Canucks were able to generate any offense against Edmonton was 2014-15 when they had 21 GF in 5 GP.

What a difference a couple of seasons and a different roster make.

I mean, the Canucks, so predictable, their game plan too obvious; no surprises or adjustments on the ice to hoodwink their opponents.

A work in progress, that seems to be, a work in progressing ever so slowly, that people would rather stay home, go see a movie, go out for dinner, or watch the games on television, their phone, laptop, desktop computer.

After all, cable is already paid for; or the internet is paid for, and you can watch every game for no extra expense: don’t pay for parking, for the ticket, for the food or alcohol. You already have the food and alcohol paid and for far less than the Canucks charge.

And don’t forget, first and foremost, the Vancouver Canucks are a business, it is not about the product. If you don’t like how the Canucks are doing, come and watch the Oilers.  Please!!!

  • Vancouver so far this season are only averaging 1.8-goals a game in 5 previous home games, and their power play at Rogers Arena is 1 for 16: 6.2 percent (28th in the NHL).
  • Meanwhile, the Oilers enter the game, averaging 4-goals a game in 2 previous road games, and their power play is 2 for 6: 33.3 percent (5th in the NHL).
  • Vancouver have 130 shots for in five home game, with 9 goals to show for it: 1 goal for every 14 shots. Edmonton has given up 3 goals on 66 shots in two previous road games: 1 goal against for every 22 shots.
  • Canucks have given up 126 shots in their five home games, with 9 goals against: 1 goal against for every 14 shots. Edmonton has 8 goals on 61 shots in their road games: 1 goal for for every 7.6 shots.
  • Vancouver is averaging 26 shots for; 25.2 shots against at home. Edmonton is averaging 30.5 shots for; 33 shots against.

The point: Vancouver can not score; their power play is pathetic. Looks like Canucks 2; Edmonton 3, based on shots. Figure in the power plays for both teams, edge to the Oilers with 1 goal.

Final score: 4-2 Edmonton.

Note: Not all variables, and unforeseen circumstances, taken into consideration in this prediction.

Still time for the ghosts of Canucks past, present and future, to visit and alter the outcome of the game….and the season….and the century.



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