Canucks Vs Toronto: What’s At Stake?


andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

November 5, 2016

Scoring goals. Not allowing goals.

Winning their first game on the road this season. Ending their 7 game winless streak.

Stopping the Maple Leafs win streak at two games. Winning their first game of the 6 game road trip.

Toronto has two straight wins, and are 3-3-1 in their last 9 games; the Canucks have 7 straight losses.

Canucks playing losing streak terminators, is on for round three tonight, and it might be easier against Toronto, than Montreal and Ottawa were for Vancouver, to end their winless streak, but nothing can be taken for granted.

As with the game against Montreal, Vancouver did a lot of things that should have resulted in a victory against Ottawa, except it takes goals scored to actually be able to win.

They didn’t score.

Canucks excelled, were impressive, exciting, and passionate against Ottawa. They out shot Ottawa; they had their most penalty filled game of the season so far against the Senators. Jannik Hansen and Daniel Sedin had 5 shots each, and Nikita Tryamkin had 6 hits.

It just didn’t translate to anything more than a great effort, minus the errors on the goal, because they were held scoreless.

Vancouver continuing to bring what they did against Ottawa and Montreal  is a must tonight.

They need to continue to battle, and push, for shots and goals; draw penalties, interfering with the Maple Leafs game plan, to the point of scoring and winning. And not be satisfied with anything less.

With goals tonight, Vancouver likely can end their seven game losing streak and end the Maple Leafs win streak at two games; but only if they can bring the same effort against Montreal and Ottawa, into the game against Toronto tonight.

Against Ottawa:

The Canucks had one high-danger scoring chance in the first period, according to Natural Stat Trick, and generated 6 to the Senators 1 in the last period; and a total of 7 high-danger scoring chances to the Senators 9 over the course of the game.

Against Montreal:

Vancouver chalked up 2 high-danger scoring chances in the first period, according to  Natural Stat Trick, and generated 7 to the Canadiens 3 in the last period. In the second period, both teams were rewarded with 5 high-danger scoring chances each. Over the course of the game, Vancouver finished with 14 high-danger scoring chances to the Canadiens 8.

If all this seems familiar: it is, it has all been said before.

Until the Canucks actually win, it will continue people will be talking about it. And even then, unless they make a habit of winning, instead of losing as much as they are, it may never stop being thought of, and only talked about sometimes.


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