Canucks, Maple Leafs Third Period Rough Stuff Won’t Change A Thing In The NHL

Canucks goalie Ryan Miller and Leafs forward Matt Martin mix it up in the corner during Saturday night’s third period melee in Toronto.

Just like the NHL has spotters for its concussion protocol, I think the NHL should adopt a protocol to have police officers at every hockey game, paid for by the league, to “police” for criminal related activity on the ice.

andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

November 6, 2016

The Toronto Maple Leafs clearly brought the hockey violence upon themselves last night between themselves and the Vancouver Canucks in their 6-3 win, helped on by the NHL, its referees and history.

Maple Leaf players instigated, and prodded, led by Matt Martin and Nazim Kadri, using bush league tactics, to rile up the Canucks, at a time when they were clearly vulnerable, and there was no other message to their goon tactics other than to rub the Canucks player’s noses in their poor play.

And the referees were part in aiding, abetting and condoning the Maple Leafs, in encouraging the game to become violent and dangerous for the Canuck players on the ice, through their inaction.

Live action during the game, clearly showed Matt Martin trying to entice Derek Dorsett from the Maple Leafs bench to come at him and the hockey officials did nothing, absolutely nothing, to take control and penalize him for his actions, and the team, with a bench penalty.

Mike Babcock did absolutely nothing, neither did the other Maple Leafs coaches, and there sat Martin, on top of the boards at the Toronto bench, urging Dorsett to step back on the ice and take him on.

No discussion or warning were levied to the two teams after the Daniel Sedin assault by Kadri, against retaliation or continuation of such play.


The referees did not even talk to both benches after the Derek Dorsett, Leo Komarov tilt, or at any time leading up Matt Martin taking his aggression out on Troy Stecher, like a neighborhood bully on a playground, showing off to his buddies.

Even after the game, emotions were running high for the Canucks, in lite of the referees not doing their job, and the Maple Leafs being allowed to run roughshod over the Canucks players with unsportsmanlike conduct and criminal acts on the ice.

cannov6 cannov6a

Erik Gudbranson unfortunately let his emotions get the best of him, as shown above, but the Maple Leafs fans in attendance and support and encouragement of their team’s actions, it is no wonder Toronto emulates the Maple Leafs reporters, their coach and bush league fans.

Gudbranson will be held accountable for his actions.

But what about the NHL, its referees, the Toronto Maple Leafs and its players and coaches?

When people purposely incite and prod, and push the buttons of others, when they are most vulnerable, emotionally and physically, those are acts that deserve discipline, and maybe even, criminal action.

When coaches, players, referees see such actions, or become aware of such actions, that deserve discipline, and do nothing, they to, should be held accountable.

Take for example, this quote from a Maple Leaf supporter and reporter, with no ounce of impartiality:

Once again, coach Mike Babcock had seven rookies in the lineup, but with players like Martin and Leo Komarov ready to take care of business if tempers take a turn, the Leafs served notice that they aren’t about to back down.

Source: Rob Longley, Postmedia Network

So, the Maple Leafs having rookies in the lineup that can not play in the NHL, and handle themselves, necessitates having goons on the team that will utilize any bush league tactic to purposely hurt and injure another player and that permits “players like Martin and Leo Komarov…to take care of business”?

Isn’t wonderful, that Mr. Longley is protected by freedom of speech, that allows him too, to incite and condone criminal action of willful, premeditated assault and possible injury?

And how far are teams and players permitted “to take care of business”?

To the point of crippling, maiming or injuring a player?

All for the sake of a kids sport that adults have taken to the heights of a billion dollar business?

Obviously the NHL Board of Governors, their president, local, state, provincial and federal governments, are not serious of getting rid of bush league tactics, and having NHL referees actually “police” the game.

After all,I have been told, refereeing is not “policing”. That I have been assured, is for police officers.

Well, maybe it is time to start levying criminal charges against harassment and bullying, and assault in the NHL.

After all the ice rink is the players and teams work site, and those antics are prohibited by law in both Canada and the United States, on all work sites.

Just like the NHL has spotters for its concussion protocol, I think the NHL should adopt a protocol to have police officers at every hockey game, paid for by the league, to “police” for criminal related activity on the ice.

Employers have the responsibility to insure a healthy and safe work place, or consequences of discipline and possible criminal charges may be brought down.

There is acceptable play in the game of hockey, and then there is unacceptable, disciplinary and criminally accountable acts of conduct.

Whatever the “code” is, the NHL risks another Bertuzzi-Moore incident:

“He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.”
Paul Christopher, The Lucifer Gospel

But I believe the NHL, its players and teams prescribe to this quote:

“We’re doomed to repeat the past no matter what. That’s what it is to be alive. It’s pretty dense kids who haven’t figured that out by the time they’re ten…. Most kids can’t afford to go to Harvard and be misinformed.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard

The NHL is like any professional league. They are not out to make good valued citizens, that reflect societal norms, policy and laws.

Professional sports leagues are out to make money. And they are protected and exempt from many of societal policies and laws.

If a player dies, gets crippled, or is unable to carry on their career because of assault or action of a criminal type, money will take care of it.

The player will be handsomely rewarded through insurance and possible lawsuit, and the game will continue on like nothing ever happened.

For our own animalistic pleasure.



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