Linden Not Happy With Results, Believes Canucks Better Offensive Team Than They’ve Shown

Source: TSN 1040

“Collectively we need to be better. And we need to find offense.And we need to find it quickly and consistently.”

Trevor Linden,  president of hockey operations and alternate governor of the Vancouver Canucks, on TSN 1040 today.

andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

November 10, 2016

Canucks President Trevor Linden, on TSN 1040 today, believes the Canucks have under performed so far this season and the group of players presently on the roster of the team, have more to give. And the help people are looking for, will have to come from the present group as they are currently structured.

He stopped short of giving Canuck coach Willie Desjardins a vote of confidence.

Not Happy With The Results

Linden says he likes the structure of the team, but “we’re not happy with the results to date” .

“That being said, we feel that this group has more to give and obviously we knew coming into the year that there are parts of our team that we like; parts of it we knew that we needed production from certain people; and seeing Loui struggle the way he has offensively early, and Sven (Baertschi). ”

Feels They Are A Better Offensive Team Than They’ve Showed

“We feel that there is more in that group; and I believe we are a better offensive team than we showed.”

Linden Says Team Must Improve From Within

Linden admitted that the Canucks are limited as to what they can do, with respect to depth and bringing in help, believing that getting better, “has to come from within and from the people in our group as we’re currently structured. So we’re looking at that, as to how we’re going to improve.”

Linden admitted that general manager Jim Benning is actively talking to people “but at this juncture of the season, that is not something that’s on the front burner, if you will.”

“Collectively we need to be better. And we need to find offense.And we need to find it quickly and consistently.”



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