The Difference A Year Makes In Pacific Division For Canucks: A Look Back To 2015-16 After 39 Games

andrewchernoff By Andrew Chernoff

Jan 3, 2017

After 39 games last season, the Canucks were 15-15-9, for 39 points, good for a share of 3rd place in the Pacific division with Anaheim.

This season, Vancouver after 39 games, are 18-18-3, for 39 points, for 6th place in the Pacific division, 6 points behind 3rd place Edmonton.

More comparisons and contrasts:

  • Faceoff win percentage was the worst in the NHL at 45.2 percent
    • This season, it is 52.3 percent, 5th best in the NHL
  • Power play was 16 percent successful, 28th in the NHL
    • This season, it is 14.2 percent, 26th in the NHL
  • Penalty kill was 78.9 percent successful, 22nd in the NHL
    • This season, it is 80 percent, t-21st in the NHL
  • The last 43 games of the season, Vancouver was 16-23-4, for 36 points, and finished out of the playoffs.

This season? Well, the Canucks have yet to play them, but they are projected to finish with 83 points and out of the playoffs

Vancouver would need a record of, let’s say, 20-20-4 in their last 44 games, and finish with a record of 38-38-7, to accomplish that New Year 2017 prediction.

Now, do the Canucks have enough in the tank to make that happen? Remains to be seen, and we definitely will see if they do.

The real question though, could Vancouver do better than .500 in the rest of their games, and make a push towards a playoff run? It would defy the odds for sure.

Stay tuned for the outcome.

More In Brief:

Category                2015-16                      2016-17
Goals For                       92                                  93
Goals Against              108                                 115
Shots For                     1138                              1085
Shots Against              1198                              1196
Power Play               21 for 131, 16%           17 for 120, 14.2%
Penalty Kill              28 for 133, 78.9%      22 for 110, 80%
Faceoff Wins               1069                             1236
Faceoff Losses            1295                              1129
FOW%                          45.2                               52.3

Pacific Division 2015-16

pacific2015_16Pacific Division 2016-17



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