2017-18 Schedule

The club will begin the season at home against the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, October 7th:

This marks the 3rd time in Canucks history the team has started the regular season versus the Oilers and first since the 1992.93 season. This will also mark the fifth time the team has hosted the Oilers in their home opener and the third time in the last five seasons.


  • The Canucks will have ten back-to-back games this season, with eight series taking place on the road. This is the fewest number of back-to-back series the Canucks have had since playing in seven during the 2012.13 season.
  • The longest home stand of the season is five games and occurs on four separate occasions (Oct. 26 – Nov. 6; Jan. 23 – Feb. 3; Feb. 28 – Mar. 9; Mar. 27 – Apr. 5).
  • The longest road trip is seven games which takes place from January 6th to January 21st.
  • Every game will be broadcast live on Sportsnet 650, Vancouver’s new all-sports radio station.


  • A rare four-game home stand versus four different Canadian clubs between October 7th and 14th (Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary).
  • The defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins visit during a five-game home stand on November 4th.
  • The NHL’s newest team, the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, play their first regular season game at Rogers Arena later in the month on November 16th.
  •  December is highlighted by visits from Toronto on the 2nd and Montreal on the 19th.


  • The busiest day for the Canucks this season will be Tuesday with 18 games
  • Thursday with 16 and Saturday with 16
  • Saturday is the busiest day at home with 11 games while Sunday features a high of nine road games


  • November and March with 15 games each
  • Busiest home month is December with 10 games
  • Busiest road month is November with the Canucks playing 10 games
  • By month Vancouver plays:
    • 11 games in October (6 at home; 5 on road)
    • 15 games in November (5 at home; 10 on road)
    • 13 games in December (10 at home; 3 on road)
    • 11 games in January (6 at home; 7 on road)
    • 14 games in February (6 at home; 8 on road)
    • 15 games in March (8 at home; 7 on road)
    • 3 games in April (2 at home; 1 on road).
  • Against Pacific Division opponents by month, Canucks have:
    • 2 games in October (Oilers and Flames)
    • 5 games in November (Flames, Ducks, Sharks, Kings and Golden Nights)
    • 5 games in December (Flames and Sharks with 2 games each; Kings)
    • 3 games in January (Ducks, Oilers and Kings)
    • 3 games in February (Sharks, Golden Nights and Coyotes)
    • 8 games in March (Coyotes and Ducks with 2 games each; Sharks, Oilers, Kings, Golden Nights)
    • 3 games in April (Coyotes, Golden Nights and Oilers)


Canucks will play 8 games for their 2017-18 pre-season, beginning on September 16 and ending on September 30, with two games in China.

The Canucks will open their pre-season on the road against Los Angeles on Sept. 16 before hosting the Vegas Golden Knights for their first game as a franchise, finishing up against Edmonton at home on Sept. 30.

They will play four games at home against:

  • Vegas (September 17th)
  • Calgary (September 28th)
  • Edmonton (September 30th)

They will play two games in China:

  • Vs Los Angeles in Shanghai (September 21st)
  • Vs Los Angeles in Beijing (September 23rd)

The Canucks play three games on the road in:

  • Los Angeles (September 16th)
  • Calgary (September 20th)
  • Edmonton (September 22nd).

Source: http://canucks.nhl.com/



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